ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

We design and manufacture fluid transfer systems,
including pumping and metering skids, tanker loading arms,
floating suctions, marine loading arms, tanker access platforms, folding stairs with safety cages.


We are often involved in providing engineering consultancy at initial concept through to commissioning; although, we are also happy to offer competitive and innovative proposals based on third party design architectures.

Truck loading metering system - Sistemi di misurazione carico autocisterne

Truck Loading Metering Systems

Floating suction units - Bracci flottanti di aspirazione

Floating Suction Units

Bottom Loading Arms, bracci di carico dal basso

Bottom Loading Arms

Pump groups - gruppi pompa

Pump Groups

Top Loading Arms - Bracci di carico dall'alto

Top Loading Arms


3 March 2018
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Zipfluid Energy Efficiency

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14 November 2017
Zipfluid Autoload LA135Y - Red Oil

New Autoload LA135Y

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13 July 2017

An unusual FAT

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Zipfluid’s Tanker Loading Arms