ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Standard Folding Stairs

Simple access onto a tanker is provided by the folding stairs units.
Available with a range of optional safety cages, this simple retractable stair is the primary method of tanker top access all over the world.
The proven design with parking lock gives an effective method of bridging a variable gap between platform and tanker.

    Generally available as three, four or five step systems, they are spring counterbalanced and have features such as a parking lock and split second step to avoid toe traps when lowering. Safety cages are available at 1.4m or 2.8m wide.

    Optional extras such as pneumatic or hydraulic balance and parking sensors can be fitted.

    Zipfluid provide a combination of aluminium, carbon steel painted, galvanised and stainless steel systems to suit your application.

    • 94/9/EC Directive (ATEX)
    • 2006/42/EC Directive (Machinery)

    • Design temperature: -25 / +65 °C
    • Hot galvanized carbon steel

    • Parking locking device
    • Adjustable support chain
    • Minimum step width: 25 cm
    • Slip-resistant, self-leveling steps
    • Anti-toe trap function
    • Compression spring cylinder
    • Padded lower edge
    • Hand and knee rails
    • Water and dust tight, maintenance free bearings

    • Custom color coding
    • Pneumatic actuation

    • Working area safety cage 1400×1400 mm
    • Working area safety cage 1400×2800 mm
    • Switch for parking position
    • Track system