ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms


Zipfluid workshop is established in a modern industrial building, where our products are assembled and tested, before being delivered to their final destination.

Our manufacturing approach is extremely flexible and ranges from Build to Stock to Engineering to Order, allowing for both short lead time in case of standard products and ad hoc Supply Chain Management in case of highly customized projects.


Positive Material Identification (PMI) is part of our standard quality procedures and is conducted at various stages throughout the manufacturing process, to guarantee material’s elemental composition as required for safety compliance and quality control.


Our workshop is equipped with automated stations for comprehensive Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), covering all aspects of the intended use of our systems: safety first, then robustness, performances and usability. A detailed FAT report, including acceptance criteria and actual results, is always attached to the EU Declaration of Conformity.

Thanks to our certified technical staff the tooling, welding and painting processes are executed in accordance with world class practice and comply with all applicable EN, ASME and ISO International Standards. As far as EU Directives and Regulations is concerned, we comply with:

  • 2014/34 (ATEX);
  • 2014/68 (PED);
  • 2006/42(Machinery);
  • 2014/35 (Low Voltage);
  • 2014/30 (EMC);
  • 2004/1935 (Food);

Different packaging standards can be chosen by the Customer, depending on the ways of transportation and the storage conditions. We can ensure long term storage – up to 48 months – against all the most adverse environments such as rain, dust, moisture and salt air. In case of export, our internal Bonded Warehouse allows for expediting all customs procedures and therefore the delivery of goods to their final destination.