ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Sulphuric Acid Loading Arms

Nuova Solmine SpA - Italy, 2016

Zipfluid loading and unloading arms for chemicals: Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric acid is a strong mineral acid, it is liquid at ambient temperature, colorless and odorless.
It was discovered in the 19th century by a Persian doctor and alchemist. It is used in laboratory and industrial applications, as well as in minerals’ treatment, production of fertilizers, oil refinery and waste water treatment. It is found also in batteries for vehicles.

Sulphuric Acid is highly corrosive. It is not flammable, it can however cause ignition of flammable substances, such as chlorates, metal powders or carbon.


Zipfluid’s proposal for Sulphuric Acid includes top loading arms – our model LA130 made of PTFE lined carbon steel or AISI316L stainless steel with double seals in PTFE or FFKM. These loading arms can be also made in austenitic AISI316L stainless steel, in case the product concentration is higher than 98%.
Mass-flowmeters combined with flow check-valves, electronic heading and any other additional part required for the measurement system.
Among the most commonly used accessories: standpost, an overfill sensor, parking device and grounding monitor (Timm EKX-4).
Top loading arms can be endowed with a vapor recovery cone on the end pipe with hose to convey the recovered vapor to the arm’s base.