ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms


Zipfluid loading and unloading arms ifor food & beveragei: Vinegar

Vinegar is made from different raw materials containing alcohol or sugar: grapes, apples, dates, molasses, rice and others.
Its origin goes back to 4000 B.C. when it was produced from dates, wine, grapes and beer and was used as condiment, preservative or to disinfect drinking water.
In the Bible and in Ancient Greek Literature, there are often references to vinegar, while Romans were big producers of vinegar that was used for cooking.
In Medieval Times, it was used to disinfect during epidemics of cholera and plague and till the 19th century, vinegar was the base of many drugs and popular natural remedies.


Zipfluid’s proposal for Vinegar includes top loading arms – our model LA130 made of AISI316L stainless steel with PTFE seals and a manhole closing plate on the terminal pipe to prevent the dirt from entering the tankers during loading operations.
Turbine or mass-flowmeters combined with flow check-valve, electronic heading and any other additional part required for the measurement system.
Among the most commonly used accessories: standpost, breakaway valve series VA400, sight glass to check the flow, parking device and grounding monitors (Timm EKX-4).
Top loading arms can be endowed with a vapor recovery cone on the end pipe with a hose to convey the recovered vapor to the arm’s base.