ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Fuels (hydrocarbons)

Zipfluid bracci di carico per il settore carburanti

This section includes all fuels that are employed to feed both internal combustion’s engines and compression ignition engines (for example Diesel engines).

The most extensely used fuels are:

  • Liquid and gaseous fossil hydrocarbons usually derived from oil, such as gasoline, liquified gas, aviation fuels, methane, LPG and NLG,
  • Fuels derived from vegetable components or alcohol obtained from carbohydrate fermentation mixed with gasoline in variable quantity to feed internal combustion’s engines hereby reducing oil consumption with no substantial change in thermic potential.

Fluid or gas transfer in this field implies the need to comply with the strict requirements of the international standards in terms of safety, as a consequence of the high fire risk. For this reason, more and more end users prefer installing loading arms instead of the cheaper “flexible hoses” to ensure a risk-free transfer according to the relevant safety standards.

Zipfluid offers special accessories and devices to complete the basic loading arms with the aim to cover the whole range of needs, as far as safety is concerned, such as bottom loading arm with quick couplers complying with the API RP1004 standard, Split-type swivel series VA400, sight glass to check the flow, unidirectional check valves, grounding systems and overfill monitors.
Bottom loading arms are normally combined either with a closed-circuit vapor return hose – endowed with a coupler, Stanag 3756 or API RP1004RV type – or with a vapor recovery arm.