ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms


Erla Technologies - France, 2014

Bracci di carico e scarico per carburante adblue

AdBlue is a registered trademark of the German Company VDA.
It is used in the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to minimize the harmful emissions which cause damage to the environment.
It is a solution which consists of high-quality automotive urea and demineralized water.
Although it is not toxic or flammable, it can be corrosive on some metals, for this reason special materials are required for stocking and transport.


Zipfluid’s proposal for Adblue is a bottom loading arm, our model LA250, with 5 or 6 stainless steel swivel joints, PTFE seals, quick couplers Stanag 3756. Mass-flowmeters with flow check valves, electronic heading and any other additional part required to have the measurement system MID approved.
Among the most commonly used accessories: standpost, breakaway valve series VA400, grounding & overfill monitor (Timm EUS-2).
Bottom loading arms are usually combined with a vapor closed-circuit hose with API coupler Stanag 3756 or a vapor recovery arm.