ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Crude Oil

Isoil Impianti - Italy, 2017

Zipfluid loading and unloading arms for crude oil

Crude Oil is the oil as it is extracted in the oil fields, before being treated to be transformed into processed products.

It is a sticky viscous liquid: color can vary from light yellow to dark brown, its weight is lower than the one of water.

From a chemical point of view, crude oil is an emulsion of hydrocarbons (i.e. chemical components whose molecules are made of hydrogen and carbon), with water and other substances.

There are various types of crude oils, having different yield, sulphur content and acidity.


Zipfluid’s proposal for Crude Oil includes bottom loading arms – our model LA250 made of carbon steel with Viton seals and quick couplers API RP1004 API RP1004 or Stanag 3756 or threaded fig.602.
As alternative, top loading arms – our model LA110, LA120 or LA130 with or without cone for vapor recovery.
Turbine or helix type water meters combined with flow check-valve, electronic heading and any other additional part required to have the measurement system MID approved.
Among the most commonly used accessories: standpost, breakaway valve series VA400, sight glass to check the flow, unidirectional check valve, grounding and overfill monitors (Timm EUS-2).
Bottom loading arms are usually combined with a vapor closed-circuit hose with API coupler (API RP1004) or a vapor recovery arm.
Loading arms for viscous products can be heated by electrical tracing or by a steam jacket, and insulated.