ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms


NSYS - Bulgaria, 2017

Bracci di carico e scarico per carburanti biodiesel e gasolio

Gasoil is a mix of liquid hydrocarbons that is used as fuel for Diesel engines to produce electrical energy and in heating systems. Gasoil consists of a mixture of paraffin, carbon and aliphatic hydrocarbons.
Its fire point is higher than gasoline, as a consequence it is less flammable and it is considered to be less risky.


Zipfluid’s proposal for Gasoil distribution includes bottom loading arms – our series LA210 or LA250 made of carbon steel and aluminum with Viton seals and quick couplers API RP1004. Turbine or helix type water meters combined with flow check-valve, electronic heading and any other additional part required to have the measurement system MID approved. Among the most commonly used accessories: standpost, breakaway valve series VA400, sight glass to check the flow, unidirectional check valve, grounding and overfill monitors (Timm EUS-2).
Bottom loading arms are usually combined with a vapor closed-circuit hose with API coupler (Stanag 3756 or API RP1004) or a vapor recovery arm.