ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms


Rouba S.M. Ltd - Greece, 2014

Bracci di carico e scarico per carburanti e benzina avio

In jet aircraft and light air-vehicles many types of fuels are used.

Kerosene is more specific for jet engines. Avtur, Jet-Un, Jet-A1, Jet-B, JP-4, JP-5 or JP-8 (the one used in NATO military aircrafts) are all names of different type of Kerosene , some of them are very similar except for a few additives.

Avgas is used mainly for light-air vehicles: vapor pressure is smaller and more regular when compared to car gasoline, it remains in liquid state at high altitude hereby preventing the fuel to be blocked due to air bubbles inside the supply ducts.


For Jet-A1, Zipfluid’s proposal includes:
  • For Suction from storage tanks: Floating Suction Units – series FU100 and FU200 in aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Accessories: sampling pipes and visual display for floating arm position.
  • For Pumping: Electro-pumping groups – series PG12 combined with micro filters.
  • For Distribution: Bottom loading arms series LA210 or LA250, and Turbine or helix type water meters combined with flow check-valve, electronic heading and any other additional part required by the MID norm to have the measurement system MID approved.
The most commonly used accessories are grounding and overfill control devices (Timm EUS-2).