ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms


Pioneer- Pakistan, 2016

Zipfluid - Loading arms for LPG

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) comprises of a mixture of gas composed mainly by propane and butane. It is obtained from natural gas and petroleum extraction (60%), the remaining part (40%) is produced in the refinery process of crude oil.
LPG is found naturally. Once it is produced, the mixture of gas is liquified by compression, stored and transported at room temperature at a relatively low pressure (2-8 bar).

LPG is used as fuel for vehicles, heating appliances and cooking and has a very low impact on the environment because of the low content of Sulphur and thanks to the reduced quantity of combustion residues.
On the other hand, it is flammable and can generate explosive mixtures; being odorless and colorless, special additives are used to trace possible leakages.


For LPG distribution, Zipfluid offers specific stations with bottom loading arms – our model LA400 – in carbon or stainless steel with NBR seals and quick couplers (Stanag 3756) or threaded couplers fig.602.
Mass flowmeters or ultrasonic meters combined with flow check valves and electronic heading.
The most common accessories are: standpost, breakaway valve and grounding device (Timm EKX-4).