ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

PVC & Fiberglass

Zipfluid produce bracci di carico in PVC / vetroresina

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the polymer of which Vinyl is made. It is the most versatile and well-known plastic material and can be used in a wide variety of applications: it can be modeled by hot moulding in different shapes: extruded, calendrated or reduced to fluid to produce fabrics , tanks, valves, taps or basins.
It is used in industrial applications mainly to produce pipes for housing, electrical cables, window frames, film for packaging and paper goods in general.
Did you know? PVC is the “vinyl” used to produce music records.

Fiberglass consists of different resin types combined with different types of glass fibers. It offers unique characteristics in terms of chemical resistance, in particular :

    • resistance to acids and bases
    • resistance to liquid at very high temperature
    • resistance to hydrocarbons
    • chemical stability when in contact with a high number of chemical compounds (more than 1200)

In Zipfluid, we use PVC and Fiberglass in applications with aggressive chemical products: the final part of our loading arms and the cone for vapor recovery can be produced by using these materials, granting an adequate protection in a fragile point of the arm.


The first tests on the use of Fiberglass in the nautical and automotive sectors were carried our in the 50s, but it was introduced on a large scale in the boat- building sector in the late 60s and has gradually replaced the use of wood and similar materials.