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Zipfluid Energy Efficiency

Zipfluid Energy Efficiency

Zipfluid continues along the eco-sustainability path; after the installation – in 2014 – of the 73,60 Kw photovoltaic system that allows almost total energy autonomy, in 2018 the plant is further modernized aiming at an efficiency intervention to reduce consumption and improve lighting.

The intervention, which involved the installation of 90 indoor and outdoor LED light points, for a luminous flux performance 25% higher than the previous system and was made possible thanks to the experience and professionalism of Studioflò, market leader who took care of all aspects of the project, from financial to technical.
Energy savings were evident from the very first bills:
• External: 60%.
• Offices: 79%
• Warehouse: 65%.

In the light of these data, the initial estimate of a pay-back of the investment over 2 years is confirmed.
Despite the savings, the LED lighting was effective and pleasant for visitors and, above all, for the employees in the office and in the workshop.

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