ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Multi-modal Access Asystems

Zipfluid Fall Prevention Systems

Zipfluid Multi-Modal Access Systems are designed to provide a flexible and safe access on to tankers of varying heights and lengths, whether to load or sample liquids or to open vents for bottom loading.

The system can be designed to meet any customer requirement according to the specific platform and loading arms that are part of the same project. It ranges from 4m to 15m.

The unique feature of the Multi-Modal Ststem is that each end of the cage can be tilted to match the slope of a tanker top;
compared to other traditional systems, it offers the following advantages:

  • a continuous floor level removes any concern for the operator walking on the tanker and falling off the end of the tanker
  • a tilting system: electrically or pneumatic powered, the floor level can be inclined to adapt it to the tanker slope hereby minimizing the gap between cage and tanker
  • limit switches that stop platform movement before the tanker is contacted
  • a panel at platform level to provide the operator with simple, push-button control of the up, down and tilt movements