ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Austenitic-ferritic Steels (Duplex)

Zipfluid realizza bracci di carico con acciai austeno ferretici

Austenitic-ferritic Steels (also known as Duplex Steels) offer the very high mechanical resistance typical of ferritic steels together with the typical high corrosion resistance of austenic steels. They are used in particular in applications where resistance against corrosion caused by tension and salt water is required.
This type of steels is usually employed where there is a high concentration of salt and/or other corrosive agent, such as on off-shore platforms: the extremely high resistance of these steels allows to reduce the thickness of pipes/walls and therefore the total platforms weight.

In Zipfluid, we use duplex steels mainly in cryogenic applications, where a very low thermal expansion coefficient is required.


The covering of the New Doha airport in Qatar is completely made of duplex steels: the corrugated roof covers around 195.000 sqm. Many factors have lead to the decision of using this type of material, one of them was the promixity to the sea with extremely high temperatures and high humidity level.