ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

autoload for tankers

autoload the automatic arm by Zipfluid for tankers

In case of tankers, a few basic steps are enough to complete the loading operation:

  1. The driver parks the tanker in the loading bay, opens the manhole and moves to a safe place;
  2. The operator in charge of loading goes to the control zone and pushes the START button to begin loading;
  3. The safety gate on the access platform closes to prevent people from having access during loading;
  4. The autoload® system recognizes the open manhole then it starts moving from parking to loading position;
  5. Once it has reached the position, the system verifies the correct working conditions, by using integrated sensors, and starts automatically the loading;
  6. Once the operation is ended, the autoload® system opens the vacuum breaker valve, purges the system then it moves back to parking position;
  7. The safety cage on the platform is opened, the driver can reach the tanker top to close the manhole;
  8. The driver starts the tanker and leaves the bay.