ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Split-type Swivel Joints

Swivel Joints main components of Zipfluid Loading Arms

By using swivel joints with bearings and seals, the loading arm can rotate 360° both in horizontal and vertical direction ensuring, at the same time, a perfect sealing even in case of high pressure.

Zipfluid manufactures a wide range of steel swivel joints – single or double ball races – from 2” till 6”, with seals in a variety of materials and designs to suit the needs of many different applications, such as Petrochemical, Chemical and Food & Beverage.

The so-called “split-type” design allows an easy maintenance of the swivel and the possibility to replace regularly the seals without having to disassemble completely the swivels’ bearings.

This swivel type has been designed to offer resistance against major mechanical stress hereby ensuring excellent handling over the years.

The swivels series SJ410 can be produced in carbon steel (induction hardened and chemically nickel-plated) or in Duplex to offer excellent resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion.