ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Quality & Regulatory

As far as the EU Regulations are concerned, our design process is carried out according to Directives 2014/34 (ATEX), 2014/68 (PED), 2006/42 (Machines), 2014/35 (Low voltage), 2014/30 (EMC) and 2004/1935 (Food).
Quality Control (QC) on incoming material is essential to the Supply Chain, as well as a regular monitoring and continuous evaluation of our suppliers with whom we are in partnership sharing our quality targets and improvement plans.
Positive Material Identification (PMI) is part of our standard quality procedures and is applied at different steps during the production process to certify the material’s chemical composition.
Our factory is endowed with automatized stations to carry out Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), covering safety, reliability, performances and usability. The test report, specifying the acceptance requirements and the results, is attached to the EU Declaration of Conformity (DC).