ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Bottom Loading/Unloading Arms

Zipfluid Loading/Unloading Arms

This type of loading arm is a system that allow operators to work in safe conditions at ground level (i.e: no need to stay on top of the tanker) during loading.
These arms are designed to load /unload liquids or gas on/from road or rail tankers with flange connection or via a coupling where vapour return is necessary.

The possibility to choose a bottom loading/unloading arm instead of a top loading arm, depends on whether the tanker is equipped with a built-in overfill sensor.

All Zipfluid bottom loading arms are endowed with a break-away valve: in many countries, the use of this type of valve is already compulsory as a mean to avoid loss of liquid, if the tanker makes an unplanned departure, by a mistake or by oversight, before loading/unloading is completed.

Manual actuation of the Zipfluid arms is very simple, thanks to use of high-quality swivels (up to six per arm) and to the accuracy of the balancing systems.

Our bottom loading/unloading arms: