ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

Stainless Steels for Food & Beverage

Zipfluid manufactures Stainless Steels Loading Arms for Food & Beverage

In the Food & Beverage sector, austenitic stainless steels are normally used, in particular those steels providing high resistance against acids, bases and chlorides. Thanks to their low roughness finish, they offer the possibility to reduce the cracking and corrosion risk and to make cleaning easier.

In Zipfluid, we use AISI 316L pipes for the Food & Beverage sector, in order to comply with the most stringent requirements in terms of health and safety. Pipes are manufactured and treated according to the new EN 10357 European standard, while the welding process is certified according to ISO 3834-2. Pipes are also TIFQ certified, as far as conformity to European Regulation 1935/2014 is concerned, and EHEDG certified as to the hygienic requirements in the design of food plants.