ISO certification Zipfluid Loading Arms

New Autoload LA135Y

Zipfluid Autoload LA135Y - Red Oil

Autoload LA135Y, the Zip-Load automatic loading system, has recently been successfully commissioned in the UK site of a major Petrol Company.

The requirement was to increase the safety level of the plant, by reducing as much as possible any type of risk, including those due to the presence of the operator on the top of the tanker.

Autoload LA135Y is capable to move from its parking position to the loading position indicated, and vice-versa, by simply pressing a button.

Sensors are interlocked to allow motion and operation only under full safe condition, and each failure or dangerous condition is detected and mitigated; the system status signals can be overridden by authorized people, so to limit bay shutdown, while field safety signals cannot be overridden, so not to reduce safety.

Our target has been achieved by applying – to our standard loading arm – state of the art enabling technologies, managed and controlled by a PLC.

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